An inside look at hottest new British export: Matt Grant

An inside look at
Britain’s hottest new export:
Matt Grant

40 years ago Cary Grant wooed the world with his debonair, charismatic wit and charm. Fast forward to 2008 and there’s a new Grant in town that emulates the same unique qualities.

Matt Grant (not related), star of ABC TV’s “The Bachelor” is the quintessential gentleman leading-man, epitomizing the phrase “Cool Britannia”.

Thanks to Matt’s charm and talent, “The Bachelor” set record-breaking ratings numbers with 11m viewers each week, establishing him as a household name.

British-born Matt’s lifestyle change, relocating to America, has left him stirred, but not shaken. Simply put, he’s poised with unlimited potential to become one of Hollywood’s newest leading men.

Matt Grant At 27, Matt is a true internationalist, having traveled the world, inspiring his passion and interest in culture, the arts and the finer things in life.

An accomplished athlete and London investment banker, Matt arrived on U.S. soil committed to setting a new standard in the entertainment industry with his charisma and ability.

Growing up in a tight-knit family outside of London, Matt attended university in Cambridge where he studied Anglo-American relations and played rugby, football and cricket. At university, Matt accelerated in political studies and current affairs, which he hopes to incorporate into his career in the entertainment industry.

Aside from “The Bachelor”, Matt has made numerous appearances on such shows at “Good Morning America”, “Dancing with the Stars” and “Ellen” where his British wit and good looks charmed audiences nationwide. A natural performer and conversationalist, Matt feels comfortable in front of an audience and at ease with the continued attention he receives.

Matt is a strong political supporter with defined views for the future of the modern world. He is dedicated to charitable organizations, including the Myanmar relief effort, The Humane Society and orphanages in Africa, differentiating him as a true pillar of conscience philanthropic giving.

Since the completion of “The Bachelor”, Matt resides in Los Angeles with his fiancé, Shayne. He is adjusting to his new life, where he is quickly becoming a sensation in the industry.

To view Matt’s recent appearance on “Ellen”, please see the link below:

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