Tehmina Adaya, Hotelier, Reopens Hotel Shangri-La October

Tehmina Adaya, Hotel Shangri-La

Tehmina Adaya
Hotelier and Entrepreneur
Reopens the Iconic
Hotel Shangri-La in October

Tehmina Adaya, Hotel Shangri La

Entrepreneur. Hotelier. Historian. As one of the top 50 businesswomen in Los Angeles, Tehmina Adaya brings her background in history and commercial and industrial real estate to her newest role as hotelier of Hotel Shangri-La – the 1939 landmark hotel located on the famed Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.

The business and creative mind behind the new iconic destination, Tehmina applies her diverse skills and interests to guiding three other businesses: She manages a $150-million real estate portfolio, guides the good works of an international charitable foundation, and owns a successful independent record label.

In every way, Tehmina applies her forward-thinking philosophy to each of the companies: The Adaya Family Trust is a commercial and industrial real estate portfolio built around the longstanding belief in the strength of the California economy. “We identify and develop integral properties – so much so that our family has become part of the lifeblood of the California economy,” says Tehmina Adaya.

Hotel Shangri La

In addition to supporting the growth and prosperity of local businesses, Tehmina is involved in continuing to fulfill the vision of the Al-Ameen foundation of providing education, empowerment and safe havens to those less fortunate. Among other efforts, Tehmina has continued to establish schools, hospitals, shelters and foster care to underprivileged and disenfranchised people in the United States and across the globe. At the same time, Tehmina’s So Sweet records label has a niche focus and an international connection: The business has evolved into a sought after lifestyle brand dedicated to promoting American and British independent music to the American, British and Japanese markets.

As the youngest daughter of an international family, Tehmina moved to Los Angeles at the age of twelve. She was educated at the prestigious Harvard-Westlake School before heading on to UC Berkeley and UCLA to major in history. Together with her formal education and love of family, travel, music, cultural and philanthropy, Tehmina perfected her business acumen with her late father, the distinguished Ahmad Adaya.

Hotel Shangri La

On purchasing Hotel Shangri-La in the 1980s, Mr. Adaya immediately recognized the cultural and historic relevance of the property, embracing its far-reaching popularity with guests ranging from presidents and luminaries to movie stars, artists, tastemakers, insiders, urbanites, and citizens of the world. At the time with few resort destinations in Santa Monica, Hotel Shangri-La was a beacon of Art Deco beauty and Hollywood allure with ocean views from every room. It is as if Hotel Shangri-La had been poised for greatness from the beginning. Perhaps so. After all, Hotel Shangri-La is one of the flagships of the Adaya family portfolio – a rare jewel to share with the world.

In 2008, with its renovation currently underway, Tehmina is carrying a solid yet highly inspired vision of Hotel Shangri-La into the future.

“While the new hotel and restaurant brand will retain the historical integrity and intrigue of Hotel Shangri-La, it will respond to an entirely new era of highly discerning guests. It will invite- and demand- unforgettable experiences and a healthy dose of excess,” says Tehmina Adaya. “Imagine what was when this charmed apartment hotel by the sea re-emerges as Hotel Shangri-La, Hollywood’s oceanfront hotel – and enjoy all that comes with such tempting contrasts,” she adds.

After traveling the world conducting research and gathering impressions of what she and the audience expect from a luxury boutique hotel, Tehmina will help set Hotel Shangri-La apart with exemplary amenities, experiences and surprises at every turn.

“With excellent service, lifestyle branding and innovative guest experiences, Hotel Shangri-La will challenge the boundaries of industry expectations,” says Tehmina Adaya.

In other words, Hotel Shangri-La will redefine “luxury boutique hotel,” and Tehmina Adaya will continue to make a positive impact on others through a sense of purpose and place.

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