“Awaken the Kryst Within” Deals with Stress, Addictions, Spirituality

Amazing New Book Reveals how to Deal with Stress, Addictions and Spirituality

From addictions, abuse and near-death experience, expert reveals how to reclaim control of your life, in a groundbreaking new book - Just released

“I’m not speaking about a specific religion – Nor am I a guru of any kind. I only trust that I can help people remember that they are their own guru.” – author Adayara BudAea Rivera

Los Angeles, CA, September 17, 2010 -Stress. We all go through it. Whether it is due to our jobs or our personal life, it seems as though there’s always something holding us back. We live in an increasingly chaotic world. And as is often the case with chaos, there comes a sea change in society as a whole as people begin to question their beliefs, looking for a deeper meaning and purpose to life.

People seeking spiritual guidance, willing to try new ways to heal themselves and regain empowerment, need facts and reason in order to believe in something. Faith is simply not enough anymore.

“Awaken the Kryst Within” by Adayara BudAea Rivera provides insightful, true-life experiences and techniques-backed by the science of quantum physics. The techniques offered help rekindle readers find their purpose, reach their full potential, and experience pure freedom and happiness.

“Kryst” refers to the Divine Spark alive withinall things – Source, God, Spirit, the Great Mystery, the Universal Unified Field of Energy, All-ONE-ness – call it what you will.

Adayara insists that this book is NOT a self-help, spiritual book, but rather an empowering encryption for humanity to help you remember who you are, where you came from, what your purpose is, and to know where you are going once you leave your physical body.

Adayara’s no-holds barred honesty shows how the Divine Spark within us shines through, despite our sojourns into the darkest places.

“I ask those who are ‘open-minded’ enough to read this book to not simply BELIEVE the words I say for “believing” means there is doubt. Instead, I simply ask you to FEEL/SENSE the frequency and the energy of not only the words on the page but the frequency BEHIND the words,” says Adayara about his book.

“Awaken the Kryst Within”, by Adayara BudAea Rivera is:

  • An exposé of Adayara’s journey from a near-death experience to reclaiming his own personal power, inner peace and freedom.
  • An explanation of methods Adayara used to overcome obstacles in his life, including Sound Healing therapies.
  • A candid look into Adayara’s sexual abuse as a child and his nearly twenty years of drug, sex and alcohol addiction.
  • Scientific explanations with hard facts that back up Adayara’s claims.

Adayara BudAea Rivera is the author of “Awaken the Kryst Within.” He is also the owner and host facilitator of “Sounds of Ascension,” bio-evolutionary, life-enhancement workshops. In 2000, Adayara had a NDE (Near Death Experience) from a near-fatal drug-alcohol overdose, the result of nearly twenty years of drug, sex and alcohol addiction. Since that life-altering, multi-dimensional consciousness shift, Adayara searched and experienced many spiritual traditions and systems for the answers of WHO am I, WHERE do I come from, WHAT is my purpose and WHERE am I going after death; all of them falling short until he finally found PEACE, TRUTH and FREEDOM through “Awakening the Kryst Within” himself. Adayara contributes this amazingly liberating process to the MCEO FREEDOM TEACHINGSâ„¢.

“Awaken the Kryst Within” is now available on Amazon.com.
For more information on Adayara BudAea Rivera and “Awaken the Kryst Within,” please visit http://www.adayarabudaea.com/.

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