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Celebrity nutritional consultant and expert, Donna Gates, offers quick tips for jump-starting a healthy lifestyle at any age

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Los Angeles, CA, February 9, 2012 - With Summer quickly approaching, celebrity nutritional consultant Donna Gates is offering her expertise with quick and easy tips to living a healthy life. In her new book, “The Baby Boomer Diet: Body Ecology’s Guide to Growing Younger” Gates explains the half-truths and partial solutions behind today’s popular diets, as well as advice for losing weight, looking younger and feeling healthier, without going to extremes.

As a nutritional consultant, Gates explains that most diets fail because they are about deprivation and denial, rather than life-affirming changes in behavior and great-tasting foods that nourish and sustain the body. “The Baby Boomer Diet: Body Ecology’s Guide to Growing Younger,” which falls under the premise of the Body Ecology diet, is a new cutting edge lifestyle trend that provides simple changes to your eating habits. Here are some of these new revelations in the food world, as featured in Gates latest book.

The Body Ecology diet is centered around one key concept called the “Principle of Food Combining,” which is the main element to losing weight and staying thin. There are six simple rules to follow when combining foods, some of which are to eat animal protein with non-starchy vegetables; combine “protein fats” with similar food groups, and to eat fruit alone at least 30 minutes before any other meal.

    • Start by purchasing oils that are organic and unrefined, resulting in the best health benefits. Rather than buying refined vegetable and canola oils, substitute these kitchen staples with coconut oil, pumpkin-seed oil and walnut oil.


    • Cut down on sugar intake, yet still satisfy your craving, by substituting sugar with all natural Lakanto and Stevia. Lakanto is made from unique patented combination of erythritol and a pure extract of luo han guo, an exotic vine fruit from East Asia. Lakanto is easy to digest, has zero calories, and unlike Stevia, can be used for baking. Stevia is an herb that is sweeter than sugar, but still low on calories. It is used to add to beverages and foods, and can be utilized in different forms, such as liquid, powder, syrup and crushed green leaves.


  • Start introducing fermented foods into your diet. Fermented foods are not just yogurt – they also include cultured vegetables, cultured vegetable juice, and young coconut kefir to name a few. There are many benefits of fermented foods in helping to control cravings, provide more nutrients, improve digestion, and boost your immune system. The macrobiotics in fermented foods eats away at the sugar thereby avoiding any negative changes to your body.

Gates will also uncover important facts such as, when it’s appropriate to take supplements, how to make a natural kefir, and explore the properties and benefits available in her delicious Body Ecology probiotic beverages. This is the first step to supporting a healthy inner eco system, by cleansing your digestive track and detoxifying the liver. The range includes an array of Thai coconut water to gluten-free energy drinks for improving daily performance, male fertility and to promote anti-aging.

Making drastic changes to your diet can be overwhelming, but these simple steps are easy, realistic and can be used at any age. While most of these foods have been around forever, there has never been such an understanding of how to use these combinations to work for your body and with your natural digestive system. Reading “The Baby Boomer Diet: Body Ecology’s Guide to Growing Younger,” can help renew your lifestyle and remain healthy for years to come

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Sun Chlorella Kicks Protein Up A Notch

*Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month in October with Sun Chlorella*





pSun Chlorella A TabletstSun Chlorella A Tablets


Sun Chlorella Granules


Sun Chlorella Granules

Torrance, CA, August 30, 2011- Vegetarianism encompasses the practice of following plant-based diets, eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Some Ovo-lacto Vegetarians include dairy products and / or eggs into their diets others, such as pure Vegans, abstain from all forms of animal products. There are obvious health benefits for those practicing vegetarianism and taking Sun Chlorella daily can add a nutritious plant based protein unlike any other.

Large-scale studies have shown that mortality from ischaemic heart disease is 30% lower among vegetarian men and 20% lower among vegetarian women than in non-vegetarians. Necessary nutrients, proteins, and amino acids for the body’s sustenance can be found in vegetables, grains, nuts, soymilk, eggs and dairy. Vegetarian diets offer lower levels of saturated fat, cholesterol and animal protein, and higher levels of carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, potassium, folate, and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and phytochemicals.

Protein intake in vegetarian diets is only slightly lower than in meat diets and studies at Harvard University as well as other studies conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and various European countries, confirm that vegetarian diets provide sufficient protein intake as long as a variety of plant sources are available and consumed.

Sun Chlorella is a whole food derived from a lineage of pure green algae that has existed naturally on earth for thousands of years. As Mother Earth’s own Superfood, the powerful combination of nutrients works naturally with your body to nurture your health from within. Sun Chlorella contains key vitamins and antioxidants and 18 essential amino acids all proven to contribute to a healthy digestive system while energizing and reinvigorating the body. Sun Chlorella is packed with protein to help the body support and nurture damaged tissues. Ounce-for-ounce, chlorella has more protein than steak or soy, so Vegans looking to add a boost of protein to their diets will benefit by incorporating a daily dose of Sun Chlorella. Additionally, Vegans may need to supplement their diet with Omega 3′s and Omega 6 fatty acids ~ these occur naturally in fish oil but are incompatible in pure Vegan diets.  Sun Chlorella tablets and granules provide these necessary Omega 3′s and Omega 6 fatty acids in the pure vegetarian algae.

Sun Chlorella has manufactured their products in such a way as to make it easy for people to incorporate the nutrient rich superfood into their diets; perfect for vegetarians. One of the most unique ways of doing so is adding the Sun Chlorella granules into the daily intake of food and drinks. The granules are filled with vital nutrients, are  rich in protein, and may be used in foods such as pasta sauces and soy ice cream and soups. The granules are perfect for vegans-on-the-go as they can easily be incorporated into any beverage, or a smoothie for that added bit of protein.

In addition to the granules are the Sun Chlorella tablets that contain high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes, and protein. In fact, one serving of Sun Chlorella is equivalent to one serving of fresh green vegetables (without the pesticides)! Regular consumption of Sun Chlorella is not only beneficial to overall health but more importantly it is easy to incorporated into any diet.

It should come as no surprise then that Sun Chlorella and vegetarianism are perfectly suited for each other. And Sun Chlorella, with its Dyno®-Mill process, proprietary patented technology which pulverizes the cell wall of chlorella, making a dramatic improvement in its digestibility is a real boost for Raw Food Vegans. With its cell wall pulverization technology -an ideal physical method in accordance with natural law, not using any chemicals, enzymes, or heat- is the perfect source of protein for those Vegans who choose to eat only uncooked or raw foods.

Another key component used in all of Sun Chlorella’s products is the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) -a nucleotide-peptide complex of substances produced by chlorella during the intense photosynthesis process that enables chlorella to grow so rapidly. In fact, it actually gives the chlorella cell the ability to quadruple itself every 20 to 24 hours. This natural CGF may help to enhance your body’s natural defense system activity, help to remove the multitude of impurities in your body, and renew cellular strength and integrity.

Sun Chlorella is Nature’s most complete Superfood because it has the widest range of nutrients available from any single food source.

While Vegetarianism may be adopted for different reasons there’s no good reason not to adopt a sensible and nutritious diet plan that includes a complex protein which you can find with Sun Chlorella.
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Go ahead, invite the whole gang! Find the right group package for your business, vacation or event at The Bishop’s Lodge

Friday, August 19th, 2011


The Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa offers great group rates for any occasion whether you’re a party of 3 or 300.

With summer well under way and the holidays coming up, everyone is looking for affordable and exciting new places to plan their next business retreat or getaway. The Bishop’s Lodge located in Santa Fe, New Mexico not only offers beautiful views and a historic background, but also an abundance of outdoors activities that everyone can enjoy. From free tennis clinics to hiking, The Bishop’s Lodge offers the perfect place to escape, relax, and enjoy what nature has to offer whether you’re celebrating a birthday, family reunion, girl’s weekend, or even a business conference or retreat with your coworkers.

Depending on your needs, here are a few examples of group specials and packages:


  • Posse Roundup Package- The Bishop’s Lodge is great for hosting conferences and retreats. This package priced at $1,150 per person includes a 3-night stay in Deluxe accommodations with a fireplace, Nuevo ranch style meals, choice of one custom or classic massage, daily horseback riding with an emphasis on Parelli National Horsemanship instruction, daily fitness and yoga/meditation/Tai Chi classes, and a history/art tour. Guests can also experience The Cowboy Solution which uses horses to teach leadership skills and helps to build partnerships through trust and communication. Valid for groups of 10-30 people.
  • The EXCLUSIVE Complete Meeting Package- Starting at $239 per person/per night, this package includes Deluxe accommodations, customized meeting space, revitalizing breakfast, power lunch, gourmet dinner, refreshment breaks, and basic audio/visual access. Besides its Tesuque Pavilion that can hold up to 270 people and state-of-the-art Conference Center offering video conferencing and high speed internet access, The Bishop’s Lodge boasts an amazing team building and group recreation program. The resort features a list of activities that last from 15 minutes up to 2 hours and includes activities like Scavenger Hunts and Chili Cook-offs, ranging from $10-$75 a person depending on the program. Other activities include fine dining at the award-winning Las Fuentes Restaurant & Bar, horseback riding, yoga, tennis, drum and journey circles, and close by golf and ski facilities. The Drum & Journey Circle is a great team-building and spiritually-enriching experience offered every Friday & Saturday from 4-5pm.


  • 2011 Lucky Dates Package – Includes room rates from $149 per night, 5 room upgrades, extended evening hours at ShaNah Spa with 10% off all treatments, complimentary room night for every 35 rooms booked, 50% off resort fee, one complimentary spa treatment, and welcome amenity for up to 5 VIPs. Valid with 10 or more rooms per night during Sept. 11-15, Oct. 26-31, Nov. 6-10, and Dec. 4-8. Groups with 30 rooms per night or more may add one of the following bonuses- complimentary stretch break team event, 5% credit to the master account, or a 1 hour hosted welcome reception.


  • Cowgirls Getaway – Starting at $212.25 per person/per night, this package includes a custom massage, one-hour group horseback ride, complete breakfast, a welcome bottle of Bishop’s Lodge Heritage Collection Wine, and resort fee, which includes an art tour, chapel tour, pool and spa access, fitness classes, shuttle service to the Plaza, wifi, and more.


  • “Georgia O’Keeffe” New Mexico Package- Includes Deluxe accommodations, two tickets to the Geogia O’ Keefe Museum with complimentary shuttle service to and from the Plaza, and complimentary breakfast
  • Bishop’s Lodge Creative Tourism Photography Package – Includes a two-day workshop with renowned local photographer Dave Robinson, Deluxe accommodations, and breakfast.


  • Wedding on Horseback package – Includes accommodations in a superior deluxe room, horseback ride for two to the ceremony, sweethearts breakfast, couples massage, welcome amenity, wedding photos and officiate for the ceremony.  For those planning a wedding at Bishop’s and blocking rooms, then we recommend offering the bed and breakfast package to your friends and families. It includes a stay in a Deluxe Suite, full breakfast for two at the Las Fuentes restaurant or delivered to suite and $100 resort credit, which can be used in the award-winning ShaNah Spa.
  • Spa Discovery Package – Includes $100 credit each night in the award-winning ShaNah spa. If you’re planning an event or reunion at Bishop’s lodge, then this is a great incentive to pass along to your attendees/guests.

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About Bishops Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa:

Bishop’s Lodge is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and only 5 minutes from the historic plaza area. Besides the Drum and Journey Circle, this resort offers an abundance of seasonal recreational activities and is one of America’s premier retreats, as reported by Travel & Leisure magazine. It features a modern fitness center, tennis courts, hiking and horseback riding trials, a yoga studio, skeet and trap range, and a spa and wellness center.

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